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Ideal Mattress Canada

Let Us Comfort Your Dreams


Ideal Mattress Canada is a Canadian owned and operated bedding company specializing in custom made organic mattresses. 


As a local shop with a dedicated staff, we are committed to custom, bespoke craftsmanship. Each mattress is handmade with exceptional care based on time-tested designs and is built to last 3 to 4 times longer than any conventional mattresses available today.


Direct to Consumer with no mediator involved equals the best value, fastest service, mattress experts with over 20 years experience in providing orthopedically correct organic mattresses. 


Most organic mattress stores purchase their mattresses from factories then they sell it to the consumer. Our company does things very differently. We are engaged in every step of the process of manufacturing, selling and servicing.

Having involvement in all aspects of the production process is critical to creating superior quality mattresses. With no middleman participation, the whole manufacturing process, from beginning to end is carried out by us, allowing us to maintain very high standards every step of the way.


 We believe that by selling organic mattresses directly from our factory to our customers, we can provide the best buying experience possible.

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