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True Masterpiece Of Comfort and Relaxation

The Italian Style Sleep


The Maestro line guarantees optimal relaxation every night. Dual Core is among the exclusive technologies featured in this mattress, which is dedicated to couples that have different comfort preferences. In addition, the special breathable design with holes within the mattress core creates differentiated support zones and ensures maximum airflow and breathability


The mattresses of the MagniStretch line are designed to decompress your spine, reducing any muscle contraction and alleviating back and neck pain. Using pressure exerted by your body weight, our patented, inclined support zones move in opposite directions. This movement gently stretches your back by increasing the space between vertebrae and revitalizes your discs during sleep with improved blood flow and better weight distribution. MagniStretch relies on a technological patent that was developed in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Zaragoza, and is the result of an elaborate series of ergonomics tests. It is also certified by the ACA (AMERICAN CHIROPRACTIC ASSOCIATION) - the largest chiropractic organization in the United States - to ensure the mattress' beneficial effect in stretching and loosening the spine.


The mattresses of the Dolce Vita collection feature our innovative Dual Core technology, ensuring optimal sleep for couples. With the Dual Core technology, both partners can choose the comfort that is right for each of them by simply unzipping the cover of the mattress and flipping the inner cores to select their favorite comfort level. The Dual Core technology is available in both Queen and King sizes.


Magnigel Foam is an innovative material, made up of a highly breathable and flexible gel that gives freshness and softness to the mattress. Thanks to the combination of this material with Memoform, which easily adjusts to your body shape, and Eliosoft or Elioform, these mattresses are a real oasis of comfort. The easily removable cover in natural Viscose can be dry cleaned for your convenience.


Each Abbraccio mattress contains our exclusive Aquabreeze, a special water-based foam with an open cell structure that facilitates air circulation for added heat dispersion throughout the mattress. Their support layer is made of Elioform, whereas their cover in natural viscose is quilted with Super Soft and Memosoft fiber, offering an even more enveloping comfort.


The soft and comfortable cover is made with Thermic® fabric and soft natural Viscose, giving you a pleasant feeling of coolness to the touch and improving the quality of your sleep. Aquabreeze, a foam with a special and exclusive open-cell construction, allows for easy air circulation and an optimal dispersion of body heat.


The mattresses of the Leggenda line possess unique features that differentiate each model, with a focus on specific performance. Natural fibers and fabrics, like Bamboo, provide maximum breathability.

 "The secret to good sleep lies in the heart of our mattresses "


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